Photostick Review

Photostick 2021 Review — How to use it

Photostick Introduction

Photostick is a gadget used to backup your photos. This device is pretty straightforward — you plug it in and use the app / software. Photostick can save up to 30,000 photos.

Photo loss can be prevented. There are several ways to prevent photo loss in 2020. Our favorite way to prevent photo loss is by using a photostick.

Photostick is definitely one of the better gadgets out there.

Thousands of people are using their photos on daily basis. Most of the photo loss is because of people not taking good care of them. Some of it is due to hardware failure. Photo loss has become a real issue in today’s world.

Most of the things today are digital and we have so much storage that we take it for granted. Having a lot of storage is what makes people app hoarders, music hoarders or photo hoarders.

There is nothing wrong with having thousands of photos on your phone. However, losing thousands of photos can be a big problem. Imagine losing the favorite photo of the friend that passed last year. You wouldn’t be happy if this happens.

Photo Backup Issue Still Exists In 2020

Most of us are devastated that such a problem still exists in 2020. Millions of photos are lost on daily basis. There are very few solutions for photo loss such as:

  1. Using cloud services for photo backup
  2. Using facebook albums
  3. Buying a photostick

Using Cloud Services For Photo Backup

How reliable are cloud photo backup services? As we know, thousands of celebrity photos have been leaked online. Most of the photos that were leaked online were on the cloud services that support photo uploading.

Using Facebook Albums

Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It also has the option to make the albums you upload only visible to yourself. However, we do not recommend it for a lot of photos.


This is a tool that can prevent photo loss. Photostick can save up to 30,000 photos. It has a software and an app that work great. Very few steps are needed in order to get the photostick working.

Photostick is a reliable and useful tool for anyone that wants to prevent photo loss.

Photostick is now known to millions thanks to their incredible product and great advertising. But, many people are sceptics whether the photostick is a good choice for them. How good is the photostick and how can it help you?

How Many Photos Can A Photostick Save?

There are different sizes of photostick. They range from 64 GB to 1 TB. The amount of photos that you save will depend on your photostick size. We recommend buying the 128 GB Photostick.

Who Can Use A photostick?

Photostick can be used by anyone. Even your child might be able to use this gadget. It comes with an app / software that makes it easy to use. There aren’t many steps needed in order to backup our photos using a photostick.

Here’s a list of people that have used a photostick so far:

  • Young People Aged 13–15
  • Teenagers
  • Older people 30+
  • People with an age of 65+

Yes, that is absolutely correct! Even people that have an age of 65+ have been using the photostick.

What Is The Photostick Software?

The photostick has a software that will do the work automatically. You do not need to do many things. The only thing that you need to do is start the software. The software is using BV 3.1 which is an amazing generation for photo backup and speed.

Where Can I Buy A Photostick?

Photostick can be purchased on different places. Some of the places where the photostick can be purchased are:

We strongly recommend that you buy the photostick from the official website.

Photostick Alternatives

Cloud Services

There are plenty of cloud services that can be used for photo backup. Cloud services, however are known for bad security. There were a lot of photos of celebrities that were leaked. We honestly believe that cloud services are NOT to be used for your personal photos. The only type of photos we would upload on the loud services would be photos that do not interfere with our personal lives.

Facebook Albums

This is a great solution. Facebook has a way to keep your photos private. There are a few problems when it comes to using facebook albums for saving your photos. Some of these problems are:

  • Your account can get hacked risking your photos
  • Should not be used for photos close to the heart
  • Online bullying


PictureKeeper is another alternative to photostick. It works on principles that are very similar to a photostick.