Is the photo stick a solid choice for photo backup?

There has been a lot of controversy about photo backup. Lots of different opinions from different people all over the world. Some people swear by the cloud service while others say that they would never touch those things in their lives.

Proper Photo Backup?

To be honest, it is very hard to choose a proper image backup service because of security and safety. Most photo backup services charge a monthly fee while others have proven to leak photos time and time again. These are the very reasons why we would never use anything from the cloud. We believe that this services aren’t the most convenient in life.
Everyone needs to do proper image backup. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 photos or if you have 10,000 photos.
Has the thought that you might lose them at any time crossed over your mind?

photo backup fail

We bet it hasn’t!
And the truth is that it didn’t cross our minds until very recently either. We were all happy and smiling having our photos on our phone thinking we would never lose them. We had about 15,000 photos. Then all of a sudden I dropped my iPhone in the water and that was it. The phone was fried, all of the photos were gone. Can you imagine? Thousands of photos lost in the moment. But, I do not blame it on the iPhone. I blame it on my non existent organizational skills. All of the photos could’ve been saved if I bought a device like the photo stick or if I took extra care to backup my mobile phone. What happened was truly unfortunate, however a lesson for life was learned. Always do proper file backup. After that day I bought 5 photosticks and I’m going to do a photo stick review so that you find about all of the benefits of this tool. NOTE: This gadget is also called ThePhotoStick or the image stick.

What is a photo stick?

A photo stick is a very unique and recently created gadget for photo backup. As I mentioned before, if I had this tool before I would’ve saved a bunch of time. The Photo Stick is a unique gadget that’ll make image and video backup a breeze. It has plenty of features and it saves photos and videos. If we were to compare this gadget to photo backup cloud services then we would realize that this is probably the best image backup gadget that has ever existed. The safety of those services is quite questionable, however that isn’t a problem with the photo stick.

Why photo stick?

If you are wondering whether you should buy a photo stick or not then we are here to tell you that you should. This is a gadget that’ll save you from a lot of trouble and there are countless benefits that come when you decide to buy a photo stick.

Photo Stick Features

  • Great Price
  • Easy to use
  • Photo Stick Mobile
  • Video Backup
  • Image Backup
  • Works Offline
  • Great Security

Photo Stick Risks

If you are planning to buy a photo stick we would love to tell you that there are also some minor risks that come with this gadget.

This is a very small gadget which means you might lose it. However, you should look on the bright side that because this is such a small gadget you’ll be able to put it anywhere! Also, the gadget was mentioned to be slow sometimes, but this is due to the high amount of photos some people were transferring.

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