How To Transfer Photos From Android To PC Or Mac Easily?

How To Transfer Photos From Android To PC Or Mac Easily?

How To Transfer Photos From Android To your Personal Computer?

A lot of people don’t take photo transfer and photo backup seriously until they lose all of their photos. It happens to different people at different times. It happens to the best of us. The reason why things like these happen is because all of our devices can fail at any time without giving us any warnings. We can drop our phones and bam! all of our photos will be gone instantly. This is why taking precautions is crucial. This is why everyone should have a photo backup option that won’t fail.

Photo Transfer from Android to PC shouldn’t be problematic. There are plenty of ways to do it. If you want to transfer photos from your android to pc without paying anything and you have the patience for slow things then go ahead and use the regular photo transfer method. In this article you’ll learn how to transfer photos using a photostick which is the easiest way.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC using a PhotoStick?

  • Use a PhotoStick

This is a new invention that makes photo backup and photo transfer much easier. You can use it to transfer photos from iphone to pc/mac or from android to pc/mac. This is a gadget that gets the job done really fast. There are different versions of this gadget ranging from 8 GB to 500 GB. If you want to transfer photos from iphone/android to your main workstation then you’ll have to use ThePhotoStick Mobile.

  • Plug it in

It may sound too easy to be true, however when it comes to using a photostick this time its the truth. All you have to do is plug the small stick into one of your USB ports and then you’ll be greeted with the software that comes with this gadget.

  • Press “GO”

What do other people think about using a photostick?

Most people say that using a photostick made photo transfer much easier. They say that they no longer lose so much time because the photostick works really fast. Few of them have complained that they lose their photosticks because of how small these gadgets are.

Should you buy a photostick for photo transfer?

It’s up to you. We recommend this gadget to most people because it is a very convenient tool to have. It works fast and it makes photo backup much easier. We have a photo backup article of how different photo backup services compare to each other.

If you want to transfer photos from Android to your PC/Mac then using a photostick is probably the easiest and fastest way to do it.

If you do not have money to buy a photostick than please take a look at how to transfer/move photos from android to PC/Mac the regular way.

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