PhotoStick Review and In-Depth Analysis – February 2020

PhotoStick Review and In-Depth Analysis – February 2020

The PhotoStick is a popular gadget nowadays. Today we’ll do a photostick review. It’s considered a great unique tool to help you backup your photos. Most people in their lives have gone through much hassle to return their photos. They might’ve had a hard disk failure or their phone might’ve stopped working. There are different reasons why you would want to backup your photos/videos. This device should not be confused with a selfie stick, it has a different purpose.


The reason why we find something like a photo stick useful is because they cherish their memories. Imagine having all the photos of your memories lost in an instant. It won’t feel good.

In this article we’ll be reviewing ThePhotoStick, it’s purpose and whether its worth the money.

Let us start by saying that this device can work for Windows, for Mac, for Android and even for iPhone. However, you’ll have to choose between ThePhotoStick Mobile or the normal version of it. We recommend both. The reason why is because both mobile phones and personal computers are known to fail quite often. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of losing precious memories then it would be pretty smart to do this small investment.

There are different versions of a photo stick ranging from 8 GB up to 128 GB. Most people choose the latter.

To not confuse the photo stick with a normal thumb drive, there’s a software that comes with it. This software will backup your pictures almost instantly. The only thing you’ll have to do is press one button “Go” and you’ll be set.

PhotoStick software is easy to use. We didn’t have much learning to know how to use this product. All we had to do was press “Go”.

This device can be found on amazon or on their original website.

Here are our results from this photostick review and our overall rating. We believe that this is a good investment for the money. We also took into consideration the reviews of people on this Quora question.

9 Reasons why we decided to get a photo stick

  1. Reliable
  2. Secure, no passwords
  3. Easy to use software
  4. Can be used on mobile and PC
  5. Good for the money
  6. Helps you free memory
  7. Saves all your photos
  8. Finds hidden photos
  9. Works Offline

Our photo stick review concludes that this is a great product. However, make sure you don’t lose this little gadget because its very small in size. There are lots of benefits to having this product. You should never take your precious memories for granted. Instead, save your most loved pictures on a photo stick. We will finish this photostick review by saying that we really liked the gadget.

Our review concludes that The PhotoStick is not a scam and most people should consider having this product.

We were told that in case we didn’t like the product we could always return it. Please note that the packaging should not be opened according to their policies.

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