PictureKeeper Review

What is PictureKeeper?

PictureKeeper is considered one of the best photostick alternatives. According to many people it has most of the benefits that a photostick can provide you with.


It looks just like a standard flash drive and a photostick. The PictureKeeper despite its size boasts an amazing power. This small photostick lookalike is capable of saving thousands of your photos. This friendly photo back up device can help you tremendously. If for some reason you have decided not to go for ThePhotoStick then this is your best alternative. It is safer than using any cloud service or any online photo storage. PictureKeeper does not store any passwords or any of your info. This gadget works offline and you won’t have to worry about your photos leaking on the internet. You just plug in and it will save your photos, very similar to a photostick.

If you are not a tech savvy person then please take a look at the instructions first. There is the possibility of deleting your own photos if you do not do it properly.

It is very easy to use. You just plug the picture keeper in one of your ports and you are good to go. Save your memories without risks. This is the perfect photo backup device. The app also gets rid of all of your duplicate photos.

PictureKeeper does not rename your photos or do anything with them. It will save all of your photos and you’ll be able to see them later. Just like the photostick, a picturekeeper is very small in size and you should be very careful where you put it.

Final Words

The PictureKeeper is definitely a device worth having. For its price it definitely is the best gadget you can find for photo back up.

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