Best Photo Backup Option

What are the most convenient ways to Backup Photos?

Most people think they store their files safely, until they lose them. Hard drives are known to fail. Mobile devices are known for their problems as well. If you want to make sure that you store your files on a secure place without losing them then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at how to backup your photos, the best and most convenient ways to do it.

Backing up our photos is an important thing to do. If you have lost your files before or had a hard disk failure then you probably know why. There are plenty of ways to backup your photos, however not all of them are going to be good for you. Our goal is to take a look at what most people recommend and why.

Photo Stick

The Photo Stick is a very popular gadget nowadays. It looks just like an ordinary flash drive. But, behind the looks is something much more powerful. ThePhotoStick is capable of saving all of your photos. It can do this in a matter of seconds. The developers behind this product made it very easy to use. The product is definitely one of the most convenient and respected ways to backup your photos. It has the best software for photo backup.

photostick photo backup

It also has a mobile version of the photostick which gives you the ability to backup the photos on your phone on the go. We found it quite useful on our vacation. We were able to clean our phone memory and take more pictures. Photo Stick mobile has an app that is easy to use and gives great photo backup.

photostick photo backup

External HDD

External Hard Disk drives are also a great way to backup your photos. However, they are bigger than a photostick and they don’t have any software that comes with it. This makes it harder to find your photos. Also, it doesn’t work quite as good when you are traveling. If you want to backup your photos when you travel, you’ll first need to transfer the photos to your personal computer and then move them to the HDD.It isn’t that hard to do it, however it does take more time. They also cost more.

Flash Drive

A normal flash drive can do the job as well. Once again, compared to a photo stick the flash drive won’t be able to find hidden photos and you’ll have to search through your folders. The benefit of flash drives is that they are cheaper than an external hard disk.

Phone Memory

Another option that you can use to save files is obviously your phone memory. But, as we said before – phones are known to fail. Most phones don’t have too much memory either, especially if you have lots of photos/videos and apps. This should really be your last option.

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